For my birthday, I’m asking my Friends to donate NOTHING.

For the past week, Facebook has been sending me the following offer…

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 12.24.16 AM

Now that’s very generous of Facebook. I mean, despite the fact that Facebook is valued at $470.29 billion, that $1 could go a long way to help a charity I choose.

But wait. There’s a catch.

In order to earn that $1 charitable donation from Facebook, I have to bug all of my Facebook friends. And ask THEM to donate to my charity. Now – I know this has become “a thing” on Facebook lately. But it makes me scratch my head.

Why should my friends donate to my charity on my birthday? I did nothing to deserve that honor. I had very little to do with my actual birth. It was kind of my mom and dad’s thing. I was pretty passive in the whole affair, actually. (Rumor is… I cried after getting slapped.)

I mean, if I ran in a marathon (not likely) or a 5K race (more likely) or walked the entire Appalachian trail barefoot – (ouch) – now that would be worthy of a donation.

But by asking my friends to dig into their pockets in recognition of something I had very little to do with – well- I’d feel bad.

And Facebook is probably sending that birthday offer to everyone on Facebook. That’s a lot of people. And a lot of $1 donations.  So…what’s in it for Facebook?  Is Facebook just a really well-meaning philanthropic organization that wants to spread its wealth to charities around the world?

Has Facebook turned over a new leaf?  Maybe I’ve got them all wrong.

Funny, I thought Facebook was just a marketing behemoth that harvested the personal data of millions of their loyal customers.  And then, sold that data without consent to foreign governments who wanted to influence our elections.

Not only that, but there was the Facebook 2018 data breach where the personal data of over 50 million FB users was compromised. Although FB’s birthday note offered to “take care of the data processing with no fees” do I really trust FB to protect credit card data?  Should I put my friend’s credit info at risk by asking them to donate to my charity?  I think not.

In any case, in honor of my birthday – and the work my mom and dad put into making me – I am making a donation in the name of all of my Facebook friends, to a charity of my choosing.

Thanks for the idea, Facebook.  Now, quit selling my friends’ personal information, OK? Appreciate ya.

Author: DigiDan

Hi, I'm Dan. I live in Stamford Ct, and work in New York City. I am the father of two very creative kids, both graduates from Syracuse, and the husband to an amazing woman who is going back to school as I am. I work as a creative director and copywriter at a NYC advertising agency and have lived over 4 years of my life onboard MetroNorth, the commuter train that goes into New York (that's 2 hours/day, 5 day/week, 50 weeks/year, for 28 years - Do the Math!). In my spare time, I love playing music, piano mostly, and I spend inordinate amounts of time at my health club. That's enough for'll get to know me more from my posts!

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